Reservations, Payments, Refunds & Cancellation Policy

Reservations and Payments:

Guest Cabin Reservations at Wapiti Woods are accepted up to one year in advance. Guest Cabin rentals are available year-round. Two-night minimum stay
required over weekends (Thurs/Fri, Fri/Sat; Sat/Sun), around holidays and throughout September and October.

Reservations with Wapiti Woods – Guest Cabins must be held, confirmed and secured with a valid Credit Card when the reservation is made. Debit Cards are not considered a valid form of card to use.

Guest Cabin Arrival/Check-in me starts at 4:00 PM on the requested guest arrival date. Departure me is currently set for 11:00 AM on the stay end date but may be changed by the owners without notice due to extenuating circumstances, e.g., Covid-19.

Early Arrival/check-in (11:00 AM or later) or Late Departure/check-out (no later than 4:00 PM) provided, when available. This must be set-up directly with the owner(s) at least 20 days in advance of arrival. See the Rates page on website at for details.

Discounted Rates for extended stays (either for 7 or 9 nights) or for Group Rentals are available (see the Rates Page on website at for details) and must be set-up directly with the owner(s).

No discounts are available in September or October.

There are two options to provide payment for Guest Cabin stays:

Payment election by mailed check:
  • Pre-payment, in full, for a reserved cabin stay can be paid by a mailed check due no later than 60 days prior to a guest’s scheduled arrival date.
  • Pre-payment, in full, for any reservation made within the 60 day cancellation policy must be paid by a mailed within 10 business days after the reservation is made.
  • Any Reservation made 15 days or under prior to the planned arrival date must be paid by Credit Card (see below).
Payment election by Credit Card:
  • Any payment elected to be made by a submitted and accepted Credit Card is subject to an additional 4% Convenience Fee. Payments selected to be made by a submitted credit card will be made incrementally:
    • ½ of the rental will be charged at 60 days prior to the arrival date.
    • The remaining balance due will be charged 10 days prior to the arrival date.
  • Any reservation made inside of the stated 60- day cancellation policy will have ½ of the rental charged immediately with the remaining balance due and paid 10 days prior to arrival.
  • Any Reservation made 15 days or under prior to the planned arrival date will be charged in full at me of the Reservation.

All rates are subject to the PA State Sales Tax (6%) and the Elk County Hotel Room Tax (5%).

All guests must sign a Responsibility & Liability Waiver and submit that to the owner(s) no later than 60 days prior to a guest’s scheduled arrival date or within
10 days after a reservation is made if it is made inside of the 60-day cancellation policy or it must be provided immediately if a reservation is made 15 days or less before planned arrival. This may be provided by email or via US Mail and can accompany any payment made by check.

Submitted Credit Card data will be retained for 13 months or for up-to one month after a guest’s stay, whichever is shorter. The submitted Credit Card will be held for the requested Security Deposit for a cabin stay and will only have additional charges made to it for incidents that may occur during a guest’s stay including, but not limited to, damage, abuse, negligence or not adhering to established Rules & Requests.

All cabins have key-less access systems. Cabin Access Codes will be provided to guests by e-mail or mail after confirmed receipt is completed for full prepayment or stays by check or credit card along with the receipt of a signed and dated Responsibility and Liability Waiver.

Cancellations & Refunds

Any Reservation payment received is 100% refundable, by check, if a cabin reservation is cancelled two months / 60 days, or longer, before the rental start date. Refunded dollars are for any paid reservation and/or taxes paid and excludes any part of the charged Convenience Fee for payments made by Credit Card.

If any cancellation occurs inside of the 60-day policy, any paid rental fees or taxes are non-refundable with exclusions:

  • We do try to work with guests regarding emergency situations and needed cancellations or postponements. Circumstances vary from situation to situation. Any cancellation inside of the 60-day policy must be discussed and cleared with the owner(s). We all deal with emergencies in life and need to work with each other. Neither we nor our guests cause emergency situations to happen and we strive to assure that neither the business nor the guest will be adversely impacted by the situation.
  • In the case that a refund is payable inside of the 60-day cancellation policy, Wapiti Woods will retain 1/2 of the rental fee to hold for a mutually agreeable me and provide a check as payment for the remaining balance paid.

Any due refund will be paid by check and mailed to the guest.