Wapiti Woods – 5186 River Road, Weedville, PA 15868 * 814-787- 7525 *
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Tidbits & Useful Things to Know

  • Path lights come on at or about dusk. They stay on until approximately 11:00 PM. You will need a flashlight after that.
  • Your provided Shanty Entry Code opens the Community Cabin – The “Shanty.” This is the first cabin on your right as you walk in from the parking area. It houses the following:
    • Telephone for local calls (calling card needed to make long distance calls).
    • An answering machine is hooked to the phone in case you are looking for possible messages from home or others – 814-787-4900. Emergency numbers are posted in the Shanty.
    • One top load washer and dryer available for guest use.
    • Brochure and literature rack for local attractions and highlights including trails, elk viewing and visitor guides.
    • Assorted games (located in the bathroom closet).
    • Various books and magazines
    • A community TV with a VCR and DVD player with assorted movies (there is no cable nor satellite TV access)
  • Each Cabin has a dehumidifier. You may turn this off while you stay at the cabins as they can be quite noisy. Please turn back on at the end of your stay.
  • An old Buffalo & Western railroad bed runs through the cabin grounds and provides a nice walking path along the creek.
  • You should have a flashlight for emergency situations.
  • Wireless internet is available throughout the Cabin Grounds based on an antenna broadcast system. The Shanty and cabins #7, #8, #9 and #10 each have their own hardwired hubs. Advise Steve if the system needs reset.