Responsibility and Liability Waiver with Rules and Requests

By checking the box to agree, I do hereby waive, release, absolve and hold free of liability Wapiti Woods, LLC and any of its personnel, from any claim or loss arising out of or related to the use of Wapiti Woods Guest Cabins or Grounds or the personal residence, grounds or the personal residence, grounds and cabin office space used for Wapiti Woods – Guest Cabins. Wapiti Woods and its personnel shall not be liable for any injury or damage to any property or person at any time on or about its property from any cause whatsoever.

I and all persons in my party also promise to abide by all rules and regulations established by Wapiti Woods, LLC as noted below.

I further agree to reimburse Wapiti Woods, LLC for any and all costs arising from any and all repairs, damage, abuse or theft caused to any cabin or other property owned and operated by Wapiti Woods, LLC while I, and my guests, use the cabins, grounds and surrounding area. Any reimbursement needed or required from me for repairs, damage, abuse or theft may be charged to the Credit Card that I have provided either by phone or via the booking site.

Rules and Requests:

Please help us to assure continued quality in both our cabins and on our grounds.


Check in: Starting at 4:00 PM
Check out: 11:00 AM
(This may vary based on the status of the Covid-19 Pandemic and cleaning needs for the cabins)
Please lock your cabin at departure & text or email your cabin number and departure time to Steve at 814 335-8520 or [email protected].

  • No smoking allowed in the cabins.
  • No pets or firearms, of any type, are allowed on the grounds or in the cabins.
  • Please do not discard any food scrap outside of the cabins, on the grounds nor in the fire ring to minimize attracting pests or wild animals.
  • Please do not chop, saw, cut or damage any standing timber – green or dead.
  • No tenting on the cabin grounds. We are a guest cabin facility.
  • Do not dump fireplace or wood burner ashes on the grounds – place all ashes in your cabin’s outdoor fire ring
  • Inside firewood provided and stored on the cabin porch and in each cabin is only for use in the inside wood burner.
  • Outside firewood, for the fire ring, is stored on racks, under cover, at each cabin. Please do not use this wood indoors.
  • Please do not have bonfires in the fire rings. Firewood is expensive and time consuming to provide. It is provided to enhance and improve the enjoyment of your stay and excessive burning may impact what we can provide in the future.
  • Extra outside firewood is available for sale on the cabin grounds based on an honor system. Prices and payment box located on storage racks along the main cabin pathway behind Couples Cabin #4
  • Please return wagon carts to the wagon shed after each use. We have six carts to service 10 guest cabins.
To avoid extra charges against your security deposit, please:
  • Assure all dishes, pots, pans, cups and utensils are cleaned and put away.
  • Replace any moved furniture, including the picnic table.
  • Remove garbage to the outside garbage can.
  • Assure windows and doors are closed and locked.

Please respect the privacy and solitude of other guests.

Quiet time starts at 10:00 PM.

Please refrain from making loud noises – within reason, of course.

Respect the work that has been done for your enjoyment.

Requests: At the end of your stay, please:
  • Strip bed sheets and pillowcases from used beds. Bundle and place used sheets and pillow cases on the futon couch.
  • Replace the indoor firewood supply from the cabin porch.
  • Police both inside and outside of the cabin for garbage.