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Arrivals & Departures

You’re coming to stay at Wapiti Woods for a long weekend, a week or just for a couple of nights. Now what?

First off, make your plans for your departure
  • Assure pre-payment is made by check or credit card at least 10 days in advance of your planned arrival. Note that a 4% Convenience Fee is added to any payment made by CC.

  • Assure that you received the access codes for your cabin(s) and for the “Shanty.”

  • Print off a copy of the Cabin Stock List to help prepare for your stay. It lists items that are included in the cabins and on the grounds, notes essential items to bring along and has some suggestions for other items to pack.

  • Read over the Rules and Requests so you have an idea about what you are looking at for arrival and departure times; No Smoking in the Cabins and No Pets in the Cabins or on the Grounds; information on firewood; end of stay requests, etc.

  • Look at the directions to our guest cabins and map out your trip or program your GPS for arrival.

  • Read over the Useful Information sheet about the Cabins, Grounds and Shanty.

  • Look over the Grounds Map to get a feel for the layout, the location of the parking area, your cabins, the walking trail, horseshoe pits, the “Shanty” and picnic pavilion.

  • Call or e-mail us with any questions – 814-787-7525 or steve@wapitiwoods.com.


  • We do request that guest arrivals start at 4:00 unless other arrangements are made in advance.

  • The entrance door for the office is located to the left of the garage door. In case you have a need to stop by, remember it’s also our home so we ask that our guests knock at the door so we can come to welcome you in.

  • You may see one of us over the time period when you are here roaming about on the Grounds – while doing chores, checking on the grounds and guests or taking care of some odd ‘n’ end. We do want to respect your privacy and realize that this is your vacation time so we try not to be an intrusion but, sometimes, Mother Nature does not give us a convenient, unobtrusive window for outdoor chores and we apologize for that!

  • Assure that you have your Cabin(s) and Shanty Access codes in hand. You should have received these by e-mail or mail after making prepayment by check or credit at least 10 days in advance of your arrival and providing sign off on both:

    • A Responsibility and Liability Waiver form and
    • providing your credit card information and sign off for use for charging if making payment by CC and in case of damage or abuse.
Well, all good things come to an end, but, before the return trip, there’s a few last minute To Do’s:
  • Assure that your cabin is locked.

  • Text Steve on his cell phone at (814) 335-8520 with your departure time.

  • Cart your things back to your vehicle in the parking lot with one of the wagons.
  • Put the wagon away into the Wagon Shed.

  • Head on out toward home – have a safe drive and come back to visit us again! Thanks for staying with us in our Guest Cabins at Wapiti Woods!!