Round Island Trail Falls

** A Walking Stick is Strongly Recommended**

Turn right out of the Wapiti Woods driveway onto SR 555 E.

Go 1.2 miles and turn right onto the Quehanna Highway in Medix Run.

Go 16.3 miles, turn left onto Three Runs Rd (first road on the left after mile marker 3 in the Quehanna Wild Area)

Go 5.7 miles; Three Runs Rd ends (at 2.7 miles do not turn right onto 3 Runs Tower Rd).

Continue straight onto Dutchman Rd for another 3.0 miles.

Turn left onto Round Island Ridge Rd.

Go 2.2 miles and park on the left under a double power line.

Hike away from the road for ~ ½ mile coming to a small stream at the bottom of the second swale (trail down back side of second swale to the stream is steep and rocky).

Turn right at the stream and follow the Round Island Trail for ~ ½ mile where you’ll hear the falls off to your left behind and below the huge rhododendrons.

Climb carefully down the steep embankment trail to the falls and stream. Please look for trail—don’t just climb down anywhere as to minimize wear and erosion.

Moderate Difficulty (Due to 2 steep rocky sections)
45 – 60 min drive from cabin driveway * 45 – 60 min hike to falls

Click here for printable map