Logan Falls, Warren County

Although Logan Falls is just 9 feet tall, the pleasant walk down a narrow woods path passes through lush, photogenic forest terrain, which makes the effort to visit the falls worthwhile.

From the grassy parking area, plunge into the woods and proceed straight downslope toward Logan Run. You soon come to a woods path that leads all the way to the falls. If you miss the path, don’t worry; just continue downhill to the run.

At .1 mile large blocks of conglomerate from the 360-million-year-old Pottsville Formation appear on the left.

When first viewed, they appear large, but not overly so. While moving downslope, however, your perspective changes, and it soon becomes apparent how large these blocks are. Some are truly immense and can only be described as house-size.

A long line of large blocks runs for up to half a mile along the ridge, and each is more impressive than the last.