Directions to Hector Falls
  • Turn Left out of Wapiti Woods onto SR 555 West.

  • Travel 2.4 miles and turn right onto Caledonia Rd.

  • Go 3.7 miles and turn right onto SR 255 N.

  • Go 8.6 miles to the stop sign in the center of St Marys. Turn right and get in the left lane. Cross over the railroad tracks. Stay in the right hand lane to the light. Take the left fork and follow to the flashing light. Turn left onto Maurus St/SR 255 N. Continue for another 8.4 miles to the junction of SR 219.

  • Turn right onto SR 219 N and go 6.5 miles (watching on the right for the turn for the Winery at Wilcox) to the junction of SR 321. Bear left onto SR 321 (SR 219 bears right).

  • Go 9.1 miles (at 7.5 miles and 8.2 miles you’ll find 2 right
    hand turns that take you to Flickerwood Winery) and turn
    left onto Rt 6.

  • Go 9.4 miles and turn left onto South Hillside Rd on the
    far side of Ludlow. If you come to the McKean County
    Line you went .4 mile too far. (If you go another 5.2 miles past South Hillside on SR 6 you’ll find Allegheny
    Cellars on your right in Sheffield.)

  • Go .1 mile to a “T” and turn left onto Water St.

  • Go .2 miles and turn right onto Scenic Drive/FR 133.

  • Go 1 mile and turn right onto Cherry Run Rd.

  • Go 2.1 miles and park on the left at the top of FR 258H (take care not to block gate).

  • Go around the gate and hike down the trail for .7 mile and bear left at the “Y”. Continue down the hill to a grassy area with a blue gas well. You’ll see machine placed boulders in front of you. Walk between the boulders down the wide and wet path that follows Hector Run on the left. Continue for .3 mile and you’ll find the falls on your left.

  • Explore and enjoy.

Easy Difficulty * 50-60 min drive from cabin driveway to trailhead

Elevation gain of 250 ft * 1 hr / 1 mile in and out hike

Click here for's map & description of Hector Falls